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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions on our youth hockey program?

This will help answer some initial questions regarding Sauk Rapids Youth Hockey Association (SRYHA).


The association uses its website www.saukrapidshockey.orgas the primary means of communication. Check the website for updates, schedule changes and any other SRYHA related information. Our objectives at the Mite levels are:

1.Enjoyable introduction and experience in hockey and our Association

2.Provide a healthy environment for fun and learning

3.Teach the basic fundamental skills

4.Stress participation, fun, and skill development

5.Development of communication at the players’ level of learning

6.Introduction to small area games

What is the difference between Mite Levels?.

Jr. Storm.  This program is the start. This is for all NEW skaters and those younger than Kindergarten.  Whether your player girl or boy has never put on skates or has only messed around on the ice for a few years, all skaters are welcome. An emphasis is placed on basic hockey skating fundamentals and having fun. Our Jr. Storm program runs from early October until the end of the calendar year. At the end of December. Jr. Storm players can elect to end their skating for the season or continue on. If they elect to continue on, they will be placed in a U6 or U8 group. 

U6.  These skaters are Kindergartners and 1st Graders.  An emphasis is placed on basic hockey skating fundamentals and having fun. Our U6 program runs from early October until the end of February/early March. The season is capped off by our Mite Jamboree.

U8.  These skaters are 2nd and 3rd Graders.  An emphasis is placed on basic hockey skating fundamentals and having fun. Our U8 program runs from early October until the end of February/early March. The season is capped off by Mite Jamboree.

Coaches for our programs focus on introduction to:

Hockey fundamentals, Skating skills, Puck handling, Passing and Receiving, and Shooting.  The use of multiple coaches, fun games, and cross ice/small game activities in these programs ensure an active, varied learning environment for your young skater.

All Mite groups start the first Saturday in October.

When will my player skate?

It is our Association’s goal to have a consistent set schedule for our Mite program. Jr. Storm players practice on Monday nights (5:30 pm) and Saturday mornings (8:00am). The practices, once scheduled, are set and do not often vary.

U6s will practice on Tuesday nights (5:30 pm) and Saturday mornings (9:15am).

U8s will practice on Wednesday nights (5:30 pm) and Saturday mornings (10:30am).

What equipment does my player need?

Skates, shin pads, protective/pelvic cup, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, breezers, mouth guard, helmet with full face shield, socks and hockey stick. SRYHA has FREE loaner equipment, just ask.  Otherwise if you wish to purchase your own area equipment resellers, such as, (1) Hockeyzone; (2) Scheels; (3) Centennial Sports; and (4) Play it Again Sports may help you determine the correct size equipment for your player. Your player will receive one practice jersey at the beginning of the season, which is theirs to keep.

What does it cost to play hockey? 

NEW PLAYER icetime is FREE!!!  That's correct.  Simply pay the NEW PLAYER registration of $30 and pay no more for the rest of the season.

Will I have to sell items to raise funds for the Association?

Yes.  There is a  fundraiser later in the season. It is a required fundraiser only for those who elect to continue on in the U6/U8 program starting in January. Players are expected to sell a minimum number of items.

Will I have to volunteer my time to the Association?

Yes. SRYHA operates the concession stand at Sports Arena East as a means of fundraising for the Association. Staffing the concession stand is the responsibility of each parent and is considered mandatory volunteer hours by SRYHA.More information is available on the website. Your U8/U6 Program Coordinator or the concession stand scheduler can give you an orientation. Concession stand volunteering basically consists of selling soda, coffee, and other concession stand items to spectators at the arena. Volunteering is also a great way to get involved and meet other parents in the Association. If you plan to have your player continue to play hockey past their first season, there are also summer volunteering opportunities available that can reduce your required volunteer concession stand hours for the next season. Our Mite groups host and participate in a tournament or “Jamboree” at the end of the season. This tournament brings together 20+ teams throughout Minnesota. The tournament proceeds are used to offset a portion of the following year’s Mite ice time. All Mite families need to work a set number of hours during this tournament.

How can my opinion be heard in the association?

This is YOUR Association. Please take the time to get involved.The General Association Meeting is open to ALL parents. Past minutes for the SRYHA Executive Board meetings are available by clicking on the"Board Mtg Minutes" tab on the left navigation panel of the website.

How can I be more involved in the association?

1. Coach -SRYHA is always looking for assistant coaches at all levels. All coaches are volunteers. What better way to be involved with your children than to be out on the ice with them. NO EXPERIENCE necessary!  Certification is easy and informative.

2. Be a team volunteer Help with communications and team/game/tourney preparation.

3. Contact the executive board for currently open positions in the association.Please see the website for information on any of these opportunities.

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Thank you.


Mindy Thomes

Jr. Storm/U6 Coordinator

Phone: 320-291-6127

Kelly Kadlec

U8 Coordinator

Phone: 3202672396