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Summer Shot Challenge

Summer Shot Challenge

By ct, 05/31/19, 6:15PM CDT


We would like to introduce the "Summer Shot Challenge" to all Mite, U10, Squirts, U12, Pee Wee, U15 and Bantam players.  

Sauk Rapids Youth Hockey Association is providing an opportunity for kids to develop shooting & scoring skills while at home during the offseason.  

This program will reinforce the concepts introduced by the ADM. As part of the ADM model, we are looking to promote Long Term Player Development and progression thru a process that can be repeated for all hockey players regardless of their level of play.

The program is measurable, there is accountability and we know players will progress in their skills if they complete this process.

There is evidence to show that daily practice sessions are effective and often superior to longer practice sessions that occur either once or twice per week. Practicing shorter sessions each day promotes skill growth faster than longer sessions of less frequency. Skills that are repeated frequently support muscle memory. The retention of this memory therefore becomes consolidated and the overall growth and development of the skill set progresses more quickly with shorter and more frequent practice. This is just one of the goals for our program.

The program is meant to assist players in the development process by creating a template in which all players can be measured. The quicker a skill set is mastered the faster that skill can be performed on a consistent basis on the ice.

The "Summer Shot Challenge" will run from June 1, 2019 through August 31, 2019.  Below are the goals per level based on what level of hockey you will be registering for next hockey season;

8U/Mites - 2,500 
10U/Squirts 5,000 
12U/Pee Wee 7,000 
14U/Bantam 9,000 

Rules for the Puck challenge: 
Players must track their shots to receive credit for this challenge using (see SRYHA website - Home - Player Development (more +). How to register @ Level coordinators will have access to see the progression of the registered shooters. 



The challenge begins June 1, 2019 and will finish August 31, 2019.

For completing the challenge, each shooter will receive a "I completed the summer challenge" tee shirt along with a chance to win a gift certificate from Scheel's for a new hockey stick. Each level will have a drawing from the shooters who have completed the challenge. 

Please visit - Home - Player Development - Summer Challenge for additional detail and to find the "how to register" link.